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Tips for hand holding when learning to skate

Let’s talk HAND HOLDING 🤝 Sometimes much needed support, and sometimes (probably more often) totally psychological. Whether it’s a slight nudge of body position, a bit of extra speed up a ramp, a steadying lift or an ET finger touch to trick the mind, there’s no doubt that the gentle feel (sometimes solid grip!) of…

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5 Benefits of Skating in Green Spaces

We know first hand the benefits of skating and learning in nature, and is the reason we have chosen to create beautiful, calming locations for our skateboard lessons, workshops and residential retreats. We have found our guests progress faster with time to relax and focus amongst the trees, away from busy streets and loud noises. …

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5 Tips To Help Overcome Your Mental Skate Block

Have you ever gone through a patch (maybe you’re in one right now if you’ve clicked on this article!) where you know that you are perfectly capable of landing a trick, but for whatever reason, you just can’t bring yourself to commit? Sometimes even the act of trying it can be a battle in itself.…

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Learning isn’t linear

Persistence pays off. But learning is never linear. Unfortunately 😆 As we get older we take longer to learn new things, and it takes a greater reinforcement for those new things to ‘stick’. Small steps can often make for quicker progression than throwing yourself in to the deep end at the start of every session.…

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Too nervous to visit your local skatepark?

Here are some tips to make you feel less anxious about your first visit…😳 🛹 Visit skateparks in ‘quiet’ hours – this is usually before midday and after 7pm, but can vary park to park so is worth stopping by at different times to figure out when might suit you best. 🛹 Find a skate…

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