Skate Social Retreat

A magical, 2 night forest getaway.

A fun escape for skaters of all abilities! Wake up with the sounds of the forest, and explore the surrounding woodland before spending the day skating our two bespoke mini ramps with all of your new skate buddies!

Fancy taking off into the woods for a few days? You’ll spend two nights camping, cooking your meals over the fire and skating with a whole host of new friends. Our lush 42 acre private woodland means there’s plenty of space to get up to whatever you like, or retreat whenever you need a bit of alone time.

When + Where?

Friday 14th – Sunday 16th October 2022 | NORFOLK, UK

Camping £150

Glamping from £295

Set in a private forest surrounded by 42 acres of lush mixed woodland, Our ‘Skate Social’ retreat offers a fun but calming escape for those looking for a good old skate getaway, reconnect with nature, and meet new friends! Our two bespoke mini ramps nestled amongst the ferns, under the leafy green canopy of birch trees create the absolute perfect environment for relaxing the mind and learning some new tricks with your new skate buddies.

Worried about coming alone? Don’t be! Over 80% of our guests travel solo – we guarantee you’ll leave with a whole bunch of new skate mates!

At a glance…

Your ticket price includes a tent or campervan pitch for 2 nights, 3 days skate ramp access, safe on site parking, shower and toilet facilities, use of our BBQs and fire pits for cooking your own food, and free access to roam out 42 acres of private woodland.

“I had a fab few days and regretted not booking the whole week! I was a bit nervous at the thought of going on my own to skate with a large group of complete strangers, but everyone, especially the staff were really friendly and welcoming.”

Wondering if this is the right retreat for you?

  • Are you looking to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of life and reconnect with nature?
  • Are you looking to make friends and skate with people of all abilities?
  • Would you like to experience the rejuvenating effects of time in the forest?
  • Are you looking to skate the ramps without assistance ?
  • Do you love being and cooking in the great outdoors?

Take a closer look at what we’ll be getting up to over your 3 day stay with us…

Two bespoke mini ramps

We had two mini ramps made to our exact specifications, 1 designed for learning in mind, and the other for a real fun skate! Our first ramp stands at just 2ft tall with a super mellow transition, making scary tricks an absolute breeze – learn your tricks on this one before taking them up to our second ramp – a 3.5ft beauty with a bit more transition to really get the wind in your hair.

In need of a helping hand? Book into our morning group lesson to get a good head start on the day.

Private woodland, 42 acres of it!

Situated in the middle of a private woodland, it’s a perfect base from which to immerse yourself in the local wildlife, with plenty of secret routes to explore. Experience unparalleled access to the natural world from the comfort of the round house sofas where you can relax of an evening with a glass of wine, breathe in the fresh pine air (which is great for your lung function) and doze off to the meditative sound of the wind. Experience the powerful relaxing effects of sitting among the trees, which has been shown to stimulate an anti-depressant effect in our brains.

Outdoor Cooking

Fire gazing has also been shown to activate the parasympathetic nervous system, helping you to de-stress and unwind. Experience its calming effects in bucketloads as cook your meals around the BBQs or campfire. Kitchen ovens and walls? Extremely overrated if you ask us.

This event is uncatered, so please do bring your own food and cooking equipment along with you. You are welcome to bring gas camping stoves and disposable bbqs, however we do encourage the use of our open fire outdoor cooking facilities – we have an abundant wood shed, just remember to bring your own coal for the BBQ!

If you don’t fancy cooking, you will have the option to order a pizza and beer from the round house kitchen and bar!

Glamping options

If camping just isn’t for you, then we have some incredible, quirky huts for you to stay in this autumn. Choose from spacious steel yurts, renovated log railway carriages, and even a boathouse! All with double and single beds, super warm duvets, fresh linen and a wood burning stove to keep you cosy at night. Take a closer look at our glamping options here.

“There was no pressure to spend any time with the whole group and I could go and get some alone time to chill out when I needed it. I’ll definitely be booking again next year!”


The cost of your retreat depends on whether you choose camping or one of our glamping options. You can take a closer look at each of our glamping structures here.


2 Night camping stay. Bring you own tent and food / cooking equipment. 3 day private skate ramp access.

£150 per person


Click the photo above to take a closer look at our woodland structures

2 Night stay in your choice of Glamping structure. 3 day private skate ramp access. Includes use of our kitchen facilities; gas stove, pots + pans, bowls + plates, mugs + glasses, cutlery etc. Please note there is no fridge or freezer on site.

Birdhouse Single Bed; £295 per person

Glamping Single Bed; £345 | Double Bed; £600 per couple

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