Our Retreats

The Skate Retreat connects like minded people through skateboarding, weaving mindfulness and nature connection into everything we do.

Skate, learn and relax. That’s the aim for our forest retreats. We have put together a few different getaways that we hope will suit everyone – however you like to spend your time! Learn to skate with our beginners crash course, Level up with our skills coaching, relax and recharge with our nature connection retreat – Skate Wild, or join the party with our budget friendly Skate Social retreat!

Combining skateboarding, green exercise and eco therapy, our retreats are like no other. Set in a beautiful, private forest surrounded by 42 acres of lush mixed woodlands, it’s the perfect place to relax.

Choose from 4 different two night glamping retreats in the forest

Learn to Skate

Level: Beginners / Basic Skills

3-5th October 2023

Ideal for newbies, this 3 day and 2 night crash course is a combo of daily lessons from professional tutors, confidence coaching, and skateboarding 411 workshops that show you how to care and maintain your skateboard. We’ll also give you general advice like skate etiquette for skating at parks / in public, and teach you everything you need to know to get rolling, and feel confident doing so!

Level Up

Level: Skilled / Advanced

10-12th October 2023

For the seasoned skaters amongst you looking to learn some new tricks from professional coaches in THE most idyllic setting – or just a fun few days away! Come with friends or go it alone and make a bunch of new ones whilst you’re here – we promise you’ll love the woodland skate haven we’ve created!

Skate Wild

Level: All abilities

6-8th October 2023

The ultimate nature connection escape. Ground yourself for a couple of hours practicing the Japanese art of Shinrin Yoku – or Forest Bathing, whilst foraging for local wild plants. Learn how to harness their restorative, healing powers and turn them into balms, tonics or teas in our herbal workshop. End the day with a massage, 1:1 physiotherapy session, reiki or guided meditation in our wood-fired treatment cabin!

Skate Social

Level: All abilities

13-15th October 2023

Twice the skaters, twice the party! This retreat has options for coaching to both Beginner and intermediate skaters. Just want to skate? There’s options for that too! You are all invited to bring your own tent or campervan to spend 2 nights pitching up in our beautiful woodland to skate our bespoke skatepark under the leafy green canopy of the forest. Our most budget friendly retreat!

“I always leave feeling a massive confidence boost and like i’ve levelled up my skating, as well as just having so much fun. The mini ramps are perfect for learning!”

— Amina

“I headed to The Skate Retreat alone, but it felt like I spent the whole time skating with old friends! The atmosphere was so relaxed and friendly, any nerves I had before visiting were forgotten in an instant.”

— Kimber

“Skateboarding, yoga, nature and personal development combine for a relaxing and nurturing experience”

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