Our Workshops

Expert tuition from professional skateboard coaches in a private and beautifully calm outdoor space.

Progression, confidence and fun! That’s the aim for our skate workshops. We have put together a few different workshops that we hope will suit everyone – whatever ability you’re at! Learn to skate from scratch with our beginners crash course, level up with our skills coaching, and learn some combo tricks or new lines at our advanced workshop! Kids and teenagers can come along to our Under 16s workshop and those more anxious amongst you may benefit from our Confidence Building workshop where we teach ways to manage fear and anxiety whilst skateboarding. We’ve just had a brand new revamp too, come check it put!

Our workshops offer a calming environment for new skaters. Set in a beautiful private garden surrounded by flowers, edible plants and woodlands, it’s the perfect place to learn to skate.

Choose from different ability levels for a workshop that suits you.


Level: Total beginner / New to skating

Ideal for newbies, this crash course is 4 hours long and by the end we’ll have taught you all you need to know to get rolling, and feel confident doing so!


Level: Comfortable on board but few (if any) tricks

For those comfortable pushing, pumping and kick turns. Maybe you can already drop in and do the odd to fakie but aren’t too consistent? This ones for you

Confidence Building

Level: All abilities

Learn new tricks and how to overcome your skate fears in a calm, private and quiet space at this intimate workshop.


Level: 3+ ramp tricks

Already have manoeuvres in the bag but want to learn some of the trickier ones? If you’re looking to level up, this workshop is the one for you!


Level: Seasoned ramp skaters!

Can you already link lines and have your tricks on lock? Maybe you have a dream trick in mind, or just want to come do a bit of filming with friends over pizza!

Parent + Kid

Level: All ages & Abilties

The ultimate bonding session, no matter what your ages!

Under 16

Level: All abilities

Learn new tricks, meet new friends and cook your own pizza in our parent free zone!

Skate Dates

Level: All abilities

Perfect bonding session with your favourite person. A super fun and engaging date idea!

You can choose to have coaching, or we can leave the two of you to enjoy the space for yourselves.

“I always leave feeling a massive confidence boost and like i’ve levelled up my skating, as well as just having so much fun. The mini ramps are perfect for learning!”

— Amina

“I headed to The Skate Retreat alone, but it felt like I spent the whole time skating with old friends! The atmosphere was so relaxed and friendly, any nerves I had before visiting were forgotten in an instant.”

— Kimber

OMG absolute DREAM place to learn to skateboard, and eat pizza, and relax and listen to the birds, or do anything for that matter, this place is incredible, I can’t wait to come back!”