Learn to Forage with Us; How to make Pickled Wild Garlic Buds

How to make the best preserved pizza topping everrrr… Pickled wild garlic buds!

This is my absolute favourite spring recipe, and one of the easiest too! Wild garlic flower buds pack a punch and one of the best ways to preserve their flavour for year round gobbling is by pickling. It takes just 10 mins to make and lasts for up to a year in the fridge – though they definitely won’t last that long!

Homemade pizzas at our skateboard workshops in Sheffield

If you’ve never picked Wild Garlic before, check out our comprehensive ID guide before you head out foraging, there’s also a super tasty recipe on there for a Wild Garlic pesto made with the leaves – 100% recommend.

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For those of you already well acquainted with the plant, keep reading for the pizza topping recipe…

Ingredients: Pickled Wild Garlic Bud Recipe


Unopened Wild garlic buds (enough to fill your jar)
Apple cider vinegar (enough to fill your jar)
Brown sugar (2tbsp or to taste)
Salt and Spices (to taste)

Method: Pickled Wild Garlic Bud Recipe


  • Sterilise jam jar in oven on low for 10mins
  • Leave to cool and tightly fill jar to top with garlic buds
  • Heat vinegar (I used apple cider but white wine is good too), sugar, pinch of salt and spices until sugar dissolves. (I used sorrel leaves, peppercorns, and a bay leaf – but add in what you like!)
  • Simmer for couple mins then pour vinegar over the top of the jarred buds until just under the rim
  • Leave to settle for a few minutes then slowly stir to release any air bubbles
  • Top with more vinegar to fill jar and then seal with lid and leave to get tasty for a month or two before opening!
Pickled Wild Garlic buds are our guests favourite pizza topping!