Learn to Skate Bowl with Us! 2hr Skateboard Lesson at Selfridges Bowl in London

Learn to skate with us in London Saturday 2nd April

Bowl Skateboard Lessons by The Skate Retreat at Selfridges in London 

Ever wanted to learn how to skate a bowl?

Join us Saturday April 2nd for a 2 hour coaching session in a one-of-a-kind bowl with a small group of skaters of a similar ability. We have two sessions available to suit most skill levels – choose from;


Learn the basics of bowl skating. Perfect for complete beginners AND skaters who;

  • Can pump a mini ramp
  • Can kick turn on a ramp or quarter pipe
  • Not yet carve a bowl
  • Not yet drop in 
  • Would love to learn in a small, private session


Learn some new tricks at a private bowl at our 2 hour coaching session. Perfect for skaters who;

  • Can comfortably drop in on 4ft+ ramps
  • Would like to practice frontside carving / tricks 
  • Can do tricks on smaller ramps, but want to take them bigger 
  • Would love to learn in a small, private session

If you’re in between the two, why not make the most of it and come along to both sessions? 

Sessions are £30 per person and include 2 hours coaching with complimentary drinks and snacks.

Please note that spaces are limited and must be booked in advance.

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