What makes The Skate Retreat so effective?

What makes The Skate Retreat workshops so effective?

There’s a few different things at play that make our sessions fun, challenging & super rewarding… Read on to learn more!


Firstly it’s the setting. A quiet and private space can make guests feel more calm, relaxed and more capable of being able to try their best. Watchful eyes, (whilst usually always just curious!) can leave us feeling anxious or embarrassed, this prevents us from ‘being in the moment’ and focusing, which in turn can lead to fear of (and real concern for!) injury.


Secondly it’s the teaching style. We really understand how different types of people learn to skateboard, and draw experience from a decade and a halfs worth of observing, taking part, running and teaching of female focused skateboard sessions across Europe. Trial and error from hosting hundreds of skate sessions has meant we have now worked out a formula that really makes a difference to progression.


Last but not least, it’s positive peer reinforcement! Our workshops are based on ability. This means that you will be grouped together with people of a similar level to you. This not only makes teaching more efficient, but it also fosters confidence and offers inspiration. Encouragement from others in the group gives you motivation to go for something you might otherwise be scared to try on your own.

This triad helps to lull you in to relaxed alertness, which is thought to be the most effective mental state for learning.

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