Too nervous to visit your local skatepark?

Here are some tips to make you feel less anxious about your first visit…😳

Photography by Hilda Quick

🛹 Visit skateparks in ‘quiet’ hours – this is usually before midday and after 7pm, but can vary park to park so is worth stopping by at different times to figure out when might suit you best.

🛹 Find a skate buddy! Everything’s less scary with a friend by your side, right?! If you’re struggling to meet skaters near you, check out @girlskateuk story highlights to find a group in your area!

🛹 Get some practise in beforehand – car parks are where many a great skater have been born (probs not literally, although 🤷🏻‍♀️) You can usually find an array of curbs to get creative with, and marked out parking spaces are a great way to keep track of pushing and manual progress! (Be sure to keep an eye out for moving cars – and don’t practice TOO close to stationary ones either 😅)

🛹 Check out the @girlskateuk ‘Skatepark Etiquette Guide’ over on the ‘Hub’ section of their website for the lowdown on the polite (and safe!) way to behave at skateparks.

🛹 Come along to one of our workshops! You’ll build your confidence by skating with others at a similar level, at your very own private skate ramp! We will also be hosting a ‘Learn Skate Crash Course’ at our Norfolk retreat next October feat. everything you need to know to get rolling!

Remember, no question is too silly, we’ve probably all wondered it! Just drop us a DM or comment below and we will be happy to help 😃💖🛹