Skill Based Workshops

All ages, genders and abilities welcomed

Booking on to a skill based workshop means we can tailor coaching to suit your ability, so that you get the most out of your time with us.


Total beginners. You’ll learn how to stand on your board, balance, pushing, stopping and turning. We’ll teach you the names of basic tricks and parts of your skateboard so you feel more confident asking for help.


Already comfortable riding around and wanting to learn how to skate ramps? In this workshop we’ll focus on dropping in, rock to fakies and some of the easier transition tricks.


Been skating for a while already and think you wouldn’t benefit from lessons? You’d be surprised! You’ll be taught by a 3 x UK mini ramp champ who can definitely teach you a few new tricks to add to your bag!

“OMG absolute DREAM place to learn to skateboard, and eat pizza, and relax and listen to the birds, or do anything for that matter, this place is incredible, I can’t wait to come back!”

— Sarah

“I really enjoyed the workshop and got so much out of it. I would really recommend this lesson to total beginners like myself who need the confidence and tips to progress safely.”

— Beth

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