Whether we decide to head to Marple, Fairfields or Bollington, each location is perfect for both learners and experienced skaters, so everyone’s guaranteed to have a good session.

Just in case, our fully qualified skateboard coaches are on hand to give you any help or tips you might need, but otherwise we’ll all just have a good skate.

A skatepark with an outdoor heated pool? Only in the Peak District! If you like, we can skate the concrete park in the quiet village of Hathersage, then take a dip in the pool just yards away. Perfect!


We are some of the most experienced female skateboarding coaches in the UK, we’re amongst the very first group of qualified skate coaches in the country and have nearly 20 years of teaching experience behind us.

We have taught in parks, schools, universities, youth clubs, and have trained actors, extras and stunt doubles. Skateboarding has taken us all over Europe to compete, and we’ve even won a few competitions along the way!

You will leave the retreat with not only more skills, but with more confidence and board control. We reckon documenting your progress helps with motivation and so we’ll be filming the sessions to get you hyped.


Ever wanted a whole skatepark to yourself after hours?

We’ll be kicking off with a PRIVATE lock in at The House Skatepark in Sheffield, we can skate until midnight or just have a few beers in the onsite cafe. (There’s also an indoor food market and bar across the road for anyone who fancies it!)



Hidden away in a lush oasis in the city centre of Sheffield, our secret mini ramp will be just 2ft high and PERFECT for learning new tricks (this is due to be built in March – keep an eye on our Instagram for updates).

We have an on site stone baked pizza oven and BBQ / smoker combo that we will fire up whilst you pick your own ingredients from our organic veggie garden, just moments before topping your pizza bases and popping them in our oven – which is literally inches away from the mini ramp. Dreamy.


*More photos of this to come – we start the build next month!

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