Our goal is to have you leaving us feeling relaxed and restored, and we have a number of activities planned to make sure we do just that.

With skateboarding, yoga, stargazing, and hands on creativity in the most secluded rural retreat on the line up, we don’t think it’s going to be the hardest of tasks.


Getting hands on in our board shaping workshop is one way to lose yourself for a few hours. Using our power tools, we will show you how to carve an old skateboard into an upcycled cruiser deck using one of our templates before sanding and painting your new skateboard.

We have a couple of other ‘rainy day workshops’ planned, just in case the weathers not on our side. We’ll bring along some materials for a griptape art workshop so you can jazz up your cruiser, and show you how to make some herb infused syrups to jazz up your drinks!

Want to learn how to make cocktails, or just drink a few? We’ll show you how to concoct some ‘healthy’ botanical cocktails packed full of fresh juices and foraged fruit. Prefer a mocktail? We won’t judge 😉


Come and join in with our morning Voga sessions, a fun and upbeat way to wake up and get energised for the day ahead. Taught by our resident instructor, Victoria Shephard of the famed House Of Voga studio in London. Voga is a fusion combing yoga breath flow and dance expression to empower and enhance.  It is inspired by the expressive style of the 80’s and Madonna’s pose-striking hit ‘Vogue’.


The ‘Drishti’, or gaze, of Yoga becomes attitude and intention in Voga. Voga also incorporates grounding of the feet through yoga, movement of the body through dance, indulgement of the senses through music and relaxation of the mind through breath.
We promise you’ll feel both energised as well as relaxed after Vicks sessions.

And obviously one of the main reasons you’re here – skateboarding!

If you’ve found us, you’re probably already aware first hand to the numerous benefits that skateboarding brings, but if you’re new to the activity then you may be unaware that not only does it provide a huge advantage to your physical health, but it is also a great stress reliever that lots of people find a helpful tool when dealing with anxiety and depression.

It’s up to you whether you want to take advantage of our experienced instructors, if you’re just here for a good skate then that is fine by us. Let us know if you want a trick filming and we will whack out the fisheye!


With the incredible backdrop that we’ll be providing, you will no doubt want to get outside and explore the caves and gritstone of the Peak District. There will be plenty of downtime to meander your way through the miles of trails that are teeming with animals and wildlife, and if you like, we can show you some wild herbs and edible flowers that we can forage and take back for lunch (or our cocktails!)


We are super lucky to have some of the UK’s darkest skies on our doorstep, and with the New Moon on the 20th, we should have the best chance of catching some shooting stars! The famed Mam Tor is a short drive away from the house, from here we can hike to the summit to do a spot of sky gazing (we’ll bring the astro binoculars + sky maps!) and hang out under the stars.

We can’t stress enough that all of these activities are totally optional, this is your retreat and it’s important to us that you feel relaxed, comfortable and most of all, at home. If you’d rather do your own thing, that’s 100% cool with us!

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