Day in the life

Wake up to some energetic yoga with our resident instructor, learn a trick or two from our experienced skate coaches, skate our private ramp, or join us on a stargazing hike to Mam Tor? It’s up to you!  


We aim to leave the house around 11am each day, so the mornings are yours to kick back and relax. There will a ‘help yourself’ breakfast buffet spread, you can choose to opt in for our ‘Voga’ sessions, enjoy a morning walk or have a lie in if you’d prefer! We have 4 showers over 2 bathrooms so there will be no waiting around to shower on a morning.


It’s up to you guys where we decide to skate that day, or how long we spend at each park. If it’s busy and you’re not feeling it we can head somewhere else, or if you’re filming and trying to nail that trick, we can stay until you get it. Travelling in small groups means that we can even split up to keep everyone happy!
Lunch will be served at the park and will be ready for whenever you are hungry, with snacks and drinks available all day.


No two evenings will be the same as we have a bunch of fun stuff planned for you! We will spend a night at The House Skatepark for a private lock in, head to a secret garden location for a mini ramp pizza party, and a night time hike where we can do a spot of star gazing.
There will be plenty of downtime back at the house for you to freshen up, play board games, drink (if that’s your thing) and get to know each other.

Check out the full itinerary here, however we may need to change plans slightly depending on the British weather! 

*Of course all of these activities are optional, this is your retreat and we want you to feel at home.



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