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“I did performing arts from an early age but as I grew up I didn’t do anything with it. I took up skateboarding and yoga. I moved to London with the intention to do something creative but could never settle with sitting still. I became an air hostel and took my skateboard with me on my travels.
A couple of years later I met Juliet (founder of House of Voga) and she introduced me to Voga. Inspired by 80s bears and vogue poses, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to become a Voguette.”



Channel your inner Vogue“
De-stress, shape and tone.
Inspired by Madonna’s 80s hit ‘VOGUE…Strike a Pose’, VOGA is about striking strong, confident and aligned poses to increase flexibility and energy flow whilst boosting confidence and serotonin levels.
HOUSE OF VOGA is the brainchild of Juliet Murrell, a successful set designer in the fashion, film and design industry who qualified as a yoga instructor in 2011 to restore her natural energy levels, which had been depleted by post-viral chronic fatigue.


Identifying a niche for a more expressive, energetic style of yoga, Juliet went on to create VOGA to optimise your health and wellbeing. Appearing in magazines such as VOGUE worldwide, Juliet has grown an exciting idea, to a fully trademarked concept with 10 trained instructors across the globe from London, Paris, Barcelona and Ibiza to New York, Rio, Buenos Aires and Mexico City.

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Skateboarder, Creative & Daydreamer from Kent, currently residing in pretty Yorkshire. Illustrator, printmaker, and head coach at The Skate Retreat. Always looking to support & help grow the UK girl scene!

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